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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Some Best Practices in Configuring your RMAN Backup with Exadata

1-Do not use internal parameters _backup_ksfq_bufsz and _backup_ksfq_bufcnt if your database is newer than These parameters are set automatically after this release

2-Try to use between 2 and 8 channels per instance while backing up your database

3-For incremental backups, use FILESPERSET 1. It will be better when restoring single files

4-Create a service to use in your backups. For example, BAKUP service_name.

Best Regards,
Paulo Portugal

Friday, February 19, 2016 Exadata - Quorum Disks - Increase the availability of your Voting and CRS Files

If you have a QH of EH and want to increase the availability of your voting and css files, you can do so by multiplexing them in DB Nodes using a new feature called QUORUM Disks.

All the steps necessary are described here:

They are done using the quorumdiskmgr found at /opt/oracle.SupportTools

  1. # /opt/oracle.SupportTools/quorumdiskmgr --create --config --owner=grid --group=oinstall --network-iface-list="ib0, ib1"

Best Regard,
Paulo Portugal

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thew db_performance_profile parameter - IORM Exadata and above

The new PROFILE type of IORM on versions above make things simple:

(name=dimond, share=10, limit=100, type=profile),
(name=gold, share=5, limit=60, type=profile),
(name=silver, share=1, limit=20, type=profile))

Go to your database and run this change:

SQL> alter system set db_performance_profile=gold scope=spfile;

With that we do not need to specify/change plan directives every time we create new databases.

Best Regards,
Paulo Portugal

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Increasing your Capacity-on-Demand on Database Servers - Exadata

If you want to increase the number of licensed cores in your DB Servers you can use this command below:

resourceControl -capacity_on_demand {display | disable | enable}
[-cores number_of_cores] [-force]

Remember that you cannot decrease once you increase this number.

Best Regards,
Paulo Portugal

Exadata I/O Instance Capping

A great feature to use in newer versions of Exadata is I/O Latency Capping. Together with this configuration example "CellCLI> ALTER CELL iotimeoutthreshold = '5s'"  you can told your Exa to point to a block mirror that is in a faster disk. Do not set it before checking your I/O information in AWR and other tools/commands. Best Regards,

Paulo Portugal

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Installing the Backup Module of ZDLRA is simple

1-Download the file at

2-Unzip and install using this command example that you can find in README.txt file

% java -jar ra_install.jar  -dbUser joe -dbPass Oracle
  -walletDir $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/ra_wallet  -libDir $ORACLE_HOME/lib/
Recovery Appliance Install Tool, build 2014-08-07
Recovery Appliance credentials are valid.
Recovery Appliance wallet created in directory /orclhome/dbs/ra_wallet.
Recovery Appliance initialization file /orclhome/dbs/rat1.ora created.
Downloading Recovery Appliance Software Library from file
Download complete.
Extracted file /orclhome/lib/

That's it.

You finished this step.

Best Regards,
Paulo Portugal

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The new restore control file restore from service

Now we can restore a control file from service using a simple command:


Best Regards,
Paulo Portugal